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Did You See That?! SPORTS is a website about representing the fan because that is who we are, fans first. Fans of sport, fans of culture and everything else in between.

Sometimes we use dystSPORTS for short. It’s not the prettiest acronym in the world but we make it work.

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Who the heck are these people?

Did You See That?! SPORTS may be a small website, but there is nothing small about the talent of our contributors. Adding their thoughts to these pages are, in no particular order, a sports-talk radio host, an award winning writer-director, not one but two former ESPN The Magazine reporters, several entrepreneurs and a librarian who doubles as a novelist.

Boiled down, this website is the shared portfolio a bunch of friends from New York. We hope you enjoy!

  • Michael Catania is the Editor-in-Chief of this fine website. After graduating from NYU with a BA in History and Journalism, he worked as a reporter and fact-checker for ESPN The Magazine and NFL Magazine. He runs his own digital design studio, building websites, crafting brands and creating marketing plans for small businesses on Long Island. He is sometimes a crazy Italian New Yorker, especially when rooting for the Yankees, Jets and Knickerbockers.
  • Nicholas Kostopoulos graduated from NYU in 2010. He is a born communicator (he can probably thank his Greek-Italian heritage for that). At school, Nick hosted a sports talk radio show. He was so well known around campus that there is a sandwich named after him at a popular Greenwich Village deli (The Kostopoulos #1: chicken cutlet, bacon, avocado, pepperjack and ranch on a hero). It stands alone as the greatest achievement of his life.
  • Jason Catania is the oldest of the bunch, another NYU alumnus, who has extensive editorial experience from his time with ESPN The Magazine, ESPN Insider and Fangraphs. He is supposedly Mike’s big brother, though this information remains unconfirmed. In high school, while most of his friends stayed up late playing games, he obsessed over fantasy baseball, basketball and football.
  • Corey Brill studied Musical Performance at NYU (noticing a trend?), graduated in 2010, and currently works in sales for a promotional company while dabbling in entrepreneurship. He is a hardcore fan of the Jets, Rangers, Yankees and Knicks.
  • Jack McAuliffe is our resident Bostonian. He bleeds for the Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics. If you asked, he would probably tell you he cared about the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup a couple of years ago too, but he’d be lying. He also supports that other Boston team, you know, the one that is more interested in getting drunk than winning divisions. He also hasn’t written anything for this site yet, but is somehow still credited on the masthead. Go figure. (Editor’s note: He’s done it folks, he finally wrote something!)
  • Jerry Galante is a corporate cataloging librarian and successful novelist. He has a BA in History and a Master’s in Library Science. He’s into science — space is kinda his thing — and has unquestionably read and written more words than you have.
  • Zach Goldberg is an award winning writer-director, with a BFA in Film and TV from NYU. He is our go-to guy regarding all things movies and television. Check out his personal tumblr blog, Six Seasons and a Polar Bear, which focuses on re-unraveling the mysteries of LOST as he commits himself to re-watching one of the most talked about shows in history. Those posts will be syndicated here on dystSPORTS.


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What do we discuss?

With our powers combined we will cover, comment on, and discuss the Yankees, Giants, Jets, Knicks, Nets and Rangers. Jack may even get around to covering his franchises, the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics.

But that’s not all, sports fans! Each of us solemnly pledge to make fun of New York’s silliest teams — the Mets and Islanders — whenever possible.

Meanwhile, we will also offer up our thoughts about the hottest stories, issues and trends in sports today.

Beyond that, we shall occasionally levy our attention on this little thing called Popular Culture, as we enjoy television, movies, Madden Football fantasy drafts (Jack), iced coffees (Nick), John Mayer concerts (Corey), personal hygiene (Jay), and space (Jerry really, really likes space).


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