Hot! Faux News Headlines – Thursday, Jan. 10

Latest B.S. in Sports

Notre Dame reaches championship game before remembering they haven’t been good in decades
Shanahan: If we were still in playoffs, I’d trot Griffin out there to play | Goodell fines FedEx Field grass
Knicks fall to “classy” Celtics team | Melo “hot” in 4th, shoots 5-5 in elbows and insults
Garnett allegedly told Anthony his estranged wife “tastes like honey nut cheerios” | For realz
NHL ends lockout after players concede they can’t wait getting back to work losing more teeth
Success of 5’10” Seahawks QB Wilson inspires Jets to sign Tyrion Lannister to replace Sanchez

Latest B.S. in News

President Obama nominates Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State | Obama: She hasn’t done enough yet
Gov. Christie threatens to send cast of Jersey Shore to Washington if Sandy aide is not approved
NOAA classifies 2012 as hottest year on record | Republicans: No evidence of climate change exists
Apple sues apples for $5 billion, claiming their shape is a clear violation of its copyrighted logo


Photo courtesy of Al Bello/Getty Images.

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