Hot! Triple Play: Pettitte, Vilma, Rondo

Nick Kostopoulos, AKA Mr.300, will provide a weekly set of 3 rants in 100 words or less offering his opinion on 3 sports related topics for debate.

Would You Just Put-itte to Rest Andy?

Andy Pettitte is baseball’s Dwight Howard. He has flip-flopped on knowing if Roger Clemens ever mentioned HGH use to him. Pettitte has previously claimed otherwise, but it’s clear Clemens’ lawyers have coached Andy on how to deflect his previous admission. When asked if it’s possible he misunderstood Congress’s question regarding Clemens’ past PHD use, Pettitte responded “it’s possible.” When asked if the odds were approximately 50-50, Pettitte responded “I’d say that’s fair.” It’s clear Andy knows Clemens is guilty but he’s trying to protect his friend. If the courts don’t prove it, the court of public opinion is already decided.

Vilma Banned for Season

When the Saints march into the Superdome this season, they’ll be without key linebacker Jonathan Vilma. Roger Goodell has announced four suspensions to players involved in Bounty-gate and Vilma’s headlines them. He has been suspended for a full season, same as coach Sean Payton’s. The NFL believes Vilma to be as guilty as anyone, and although Vilma is appealing it, he shouldn’t win. Anyone involved is lucky to be allowed back period. Vilma clearly had a high level of involvement to be one of four players targeted. Isn’t it ironic that efforts to end other’s seasons instead ended his own?

Rage-Off Rondo

Rondo is growing up! He still won’t apologize for bumping an official, but he did humbly thank each member of his Boston Celtics for pulling out a game two victory without him. Rondo’s always felt very highly of himself and was involved in trade rumors earlier in the year. His talent is unquestioned, but his role as a leader and his hunger to succeed has been. I’ve never been a Rondo fan, but his attitude has impressed me. He didn’t distance himself during his one game suspension and now he’s back and the Celtics may not lose again this series.


Nicholas Kostopoulos

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