NFL Picks: Week 16

Every week, Nick and Mike examine the NFL lineup of games, check the betting line, and make their predictions against the spread. We also throw in the result of’s Madden NFL ’13 simulations for some added flavor.

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So as it turns out nobody, not even the esteemed staff of Did You See That Sports is perfect. Nick and Mike intended to get in their Week 15 picks on time, but it was thinking they can do this in the midst of a two day holiday bonanza in the Big Apple that was both bold, and unwise. Perhaps it was Mike who best summed up our state of mind with his lack of journalistic grace in typing out this gem as an apology for failing to get our picks out:

“What happens when there you attend two holiday parties two nights in a row? You don’t get your weekly NFL picks post done in time…”

Fear not fans, Nick, Mike and the Madden Simulator are back, and when there you games to predict, there is nowhere better to turn than Did You See That Sports. Week 16’s featured contests include a battle in Baltimore between the Giants and Ravens, plus an epic Sunday Night Football matchup between the NFC West rival 49ers and Seahawks.

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Week 15 Record

Mike 1-0
Nick 1-0
Madden 0-1

Overall Standings

Nick 47-44
Mike 43-48
Madden 41-50

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Saturday Night Football on ESPN

Atlanta (-3.5) at Detroit

Nick (ATL): The Falcons aren’t ready to sleepwalk into the playoffs. They will thrash a Lions team with little to play for short of helping Calvin Johnson pass Jerry Rice’s single-season receiving yardage record.
Mike (ATL): The Falcons opened some some eyes last week with their dominating victory over New York. Perhaps there is still something leftover from Atlanta’s early season prominence that will allow them to not only dispatch the Lions but also make a playoff run?
Madden (ATL): Matt Ryan throws for two touchdowns as the Falcons beat the Lions 26-17.

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St. Louis (+3.5) at Tampa Bay

Nick (STL): Both teams are looking ahead to next year, and I like the brand of football being played in St.Louis these days. I’ll gladly take the 3.5 points.
Mike (TB): At some point they’re going to bounce back from their recent ugly stretch to show they can be the dominant offensive team they were in the middle stretch of this season, right?
Madden (STL): Sam Bradford throws four interceptions, yet the Rams fight their way to overtime. The Bucs win on a 52 yard field goal, but the Rams cover the spread.

San Diego (+2.5) at New York Jets

Nick (SD): What a joke! Mark Sanchez is CLEARLY the problem with the Jets, not the inept oline, average running game, joke of a receiving core, weak pass rush, old linebackers and Revis-less secondary. Get Tebow in there!
Mike (NYJ): Gut feeling here. Probably wrong, so don’t mind me.
Madden (SD): Maybe Mark Sanchez isn’t the problem, cause Greg McElroy doesn’t do much better in his first start of the season. He throws two interceptions in a losing effort as the Chargers win 24-16. 

Indianapolis (-7.5) at Kansas City

Nick (IND): The Colts can clinch a playoff birth with a win, and the Chiefs at this point should be thinking about the prospects of the number one overall pick. This one could be really ugly for KC.
Mike (IND): Colts want to go into the playoffs off some big wins. This should be one.
Madden (IND): Andrew Luck makes quick work of a pitiful Chiefs team, as his 300+ yard passing effort and three passing touchdowns lead the Colts to a 34-16 win. 

Washington (-6.5) at Philadelphia

Nick (PHI): This isn’t to say that the Redskins won’t win as much as it’s saying that the Eagles would love to help spoil a division rivals season, and RGIII has this way of attracting drama, so it would be fitting for the Redskins to win a tight one in come from behind fashion.
Mike (WAS): Bob Griffin’s return will provide the emotional charge that will power the ‘skins to another win closer to the playoffs.
Madden (WAS): The Redskins trail 10-3 entering halftime, but rally big in the second half, scoring 21 points in a 24-17 win. 

Buffalo (+4.5) at Miami

Nick (MIA): It’s simple, both teams are average, yet Miami is home and somehow still alive in the playoff picture.
Mike (MIA): Miami’s strong defense at home will be too difficult for a floundering Bills team to overcome.
Madden (BUF): Reggie Bush’s 93 rushing yards and two touchdowns help the Dolphins run away with this one, but a 24-21 win fails to cover the spread. 

Oakland (+8.5) at Carolina

Nick (CAR): The Panthers look like they started to finally figure things out. Newton’s playing as well as he has all year, and he will put up huge numbers against the Raiders.
Mike (CAR): I need the Panthers, specifically Steve Smith, to go big today for me to win my fantasy championship! Go Cam!
Madden (CAR): Cam’s the man in a three touchdown, no interception effort. His Panthers beat the lowly Raiders 27-7. 

New England (-14.5) at Jacksonville

Nick (NE): The Patriots love to run up stats and not just win, but demolish their opposition. The Jaguars, meanwhile, lost to the Jets. The defense rests.
Mike (JAX): Another gut feeling. Use your gut and ignore me.
Madden (NE): Not even in a video game simulation can the Jaguars cover a 14.5 spread against the Pats. Tom Brady leads his team to a 31-10 dominating victory. 

Cincinnati (+3.5) at Pittsburgh

Nick (CIN): The Bengals have long looked up to the Steelers, but this looks like the year that the tables are finally turning. This one may be a blood bath, and may not be won by more than a field goal no matter who ends up victorious.
Mike (PIT): Big Ben will put up some magic to smite down the Bengals.
Madden (CIN): Both teams needed this one badly, but it’s the Steelers that prevail in overtime, winning 20-17. The Bengals cover the spread.

Minnesota (+7.5) at Houston

Nick (MIN): Something just seems off with the Texans. It’s hard to not vote Adrian Peterson MVP whether the Vikings make the playoffs or not. I’ll take the Vikes to at least cover the spread.
Mike (MIN): As Nick wrote, taking the Vikes to cover, at the least.
Madden (MIN): Adrian Peterson’s continues to dominate in this one. He rushes for 155 yards, and his Vikings upset the Texans 21-18. 

Tennessee (+12.5) at Green Bay

Nick (TEN): I won’t justify this pick anymore than by saying that 12.5 points is just too much.
Mike (GB): Rodgers is going to throw five touchdowns today.
Madden (TEN): The Packers trail by seven at halftime, but manage to score 17 unanswered points to win 27-17 in comeback fashion. The Titans cover the spread. 

New Orleans (+3.5) at Dallas

Nick (DAL): The Cowboys aren’t great, but they need this one bad, and the Saints have no motivation to play another snap this year. Their season was lost before it even began, and their play will show that in these finals two weeks.
Mike (NO): This is exactly the type of situation the Cowboys like to fail in.
Madden (DAL): They trail by 16-9 entering the fourth, but the Cowboys score 14 unanswered points to win 23-16 in a must win game against a reeling Saints team. 

Cleveland (+13.5) at Denver

Nick (CLE): The Browns actually aren’t that bad! There Mike, I said it! They have this fantastic ability to lose with some dignity when they lose and losing by over 13.5 points would surprise me, even if it’s against Peyton Manning.
Mike (DEN): I’ve stuck with Denver in these picks since they’re run began. If memory serves me, they’ve only failed once in the span against the spread. Oh, by the way, they’re gonna win the Super Bowl.
Madden (CLE): Denver looks like a real Super Bowl contender, and they continue their impressive winning streak by beating the Browns 27-14. The Browns barely cover the spread. 

Chicago (-5.5) at Arizona

Nick (CHI): The Cardinals beat the Lions……so what? The Bears should never return to Chicago if they don’t win this one by a touchdown, seriously.
Mike (CHI):Brandon Marshall could win this game AND cover on his own.
Madden (CHI): The Bears need a win badly, and don’t allow a pathetic Cardinals team to stand in their way. They win 27-13. 

New York Giants (-2.5) at Baltimore

Nick (NYG): My heart picks the Giants because I root for them and I’ll defend to the day that injuries aside, they can beat anyone in the league. My brain picks the Giants because they thrive only when it’s win or go home, and two wins guarantees this team a playoff birth. The Ravens are still adjusting to a new offensive coordinator and look more lost than the Giants do.
Mike (BAL): Because I think the Giants will be the team left out of the NFC East playoff run.
Madden (NYG): The Giants have been maddeningly inconsistent, but Eli’s three touchdown effort lifts the Giants to a 27-17 victory.

San Francisco (-1.5) at Seattle

Nick (SEA): I’m on the Seahawks bandwagon. They are going to be a really tough team to beat and Russell Wilson seems to be getting significantly better every week.
Mike (SEA): No tougher place to play these days than Seattle.
Madden (SEA): This is starting to look like one of the most exciting rivalries in all of football. In an outstanding defensive effort, the Seahawks edge out a 17-10 win at home. 

* Spreads as of Thursday, Dec 20 at 1:00 PM.


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