Hot! Triple Play: NY Rangers, Bobby Valentine, Tebow-Sanchez

Each week Nick posts his opinions on three sports related in 300 words or less.

Rangers Fans, ASSEMBLE!!

If a Ryan Callahan blocks a shot in the forest, does anyone hear it? The Rangers, first in the Eastern Conference and battling the Ottawa Senators in the NHL playoffs, are after the Stanley Cup and yet New York fans care more for Carmelo Anthony’s field goal percentage and whether or not A’mare Stoudemire will return to help the seventh-seeded Knicks lose round one of the NBA playoffs. New Yorkers love sports, but they love championships more. Despite one staring them in the face, they refuse to give the Rangers the attention they deserve. It is truly amazing how Gotham’s best team exists almost unnoticed.


Valen-time to Go, Bobby

Times may be rough for Bobby Valentine, but at least Dustin Pedroia sees managerial potential for him in Japan! After deciding the fate of player-friendly manager Terry Francona last fall after an ugly September swoon, the Red Sox chose to replace him with Bobby Valentine, whose maverick style recently sparked controversy and questions about the clubhouse. Calling out Kevin Youkilis during a winning streak and playing the role of media prima donna isn’t how to bring respectability back to the Sox. Boston is starting to look like a team that knows they are second fiddle. Say what you want about Terry Francona, but he never portrayed the Red Sox in that light, even when things were at their worst.


Two team offense for Jets?:

There are three phases of play in NFL football: offense, defense and special teams. The New York Jets have decided to add a fourth unit. The Jets have a defense and special teams, but they’ve thrown in a Tim Tebow wildcat offense to take snaps away from Mark Sanchez’s passing offense. As if managing one offense wasn’t hard enough for the Jets, who finished 25th last year in total offense. Rex Ryan has proclaimed Tebow might see up to 20 plays per game. Yikes! Inconsistency will plague the Jets hybrid offense all year. Unless necessitated by injury, backup QBs should play 0. This move, predicted by many to backfire both on and off the field, is going to do just that.


Nicholas Kostopoulos

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