Hot! The Fright After Christmas 2012 – The State of NY Sports in Prose

Sports in the Big Apple are always a hot topic of conversation, but rarely are they discussed as elegantly and sophisticatedly as they are in Nick's poem, The Fright After Christmas: The State of New York Sports

Sports in the Big Apple are always a hot topic of conversation, but rarely are they enunciated with such elegance as they are in Nick’s new poem, The Fright After Christmas 2012 – The State of New York Sports.


‘Twas the night after Christmas when New York awoke in a stun,
For the New York Knicks were the team that is the most fun.
The Yankees looked old, and the Mets, too young;
While Tom Coughlin screams at the top of his lungs.

Brooklyn rushed expectations for their new Brooklyn Nets,
But at least they play well, unlike the New York Jets.
Brook Lopez, shockingly, is the Nets best balling fellow,
But it’s increasingly obvious Deron Williams is no Melo!

Nobody’s fond of Mark, or Greg McElroy,
And the lefty Tim Tebow is just a decoy.
Sparano’s been no help keeping fans in their seat;
Rex Ryan talks too much, and is obsessed with feet

After signing Rick Nash, the Rangers appeared
To be the New York team that was the most feared.
Instead NHL fans weep and blow their noses in tissues,
For hockey suffers again from absurd labor issues.

The Islanders continued to not make good plays;
At least in two years they will move to Barclays.
Those that freaked over Lin leaving are now saying sorry,
Since the Knicks’ only concern is what to do with Amar’e.

Gone Swisher! Gone Soriano! And the catcher named Russell,
And blasted be Alex Rodriguez’s hip muscle!
After winning all those titles and being a postseason beast,
The Yankees just may fall to last place in the East.

Eli Manning could have produced another Superbowl win,
But the Giants seem to think playing defense is a sin.
Gilbride’s gotta go! Fewell’s no fit to coach D!
And now the G-men must deal with the career of RG3!

While many teams are struggling In the Empire state,
We hope that 2013 will bring about a different fate.
As long as each team is willing to try,
Their fortunes may change in the blink of an eye.

So we shall see what each team has in its 2013 bag of tricks.
And remember New York, you still have the Knicks!


– – –


Nick Kostopoulos, a former sports-talk radio host and occasional basketball announcer on the NYU airwaves, is our resident loud guy. He graduated with a BA in Communications and now spends much of his time communicating for DidYouSeeThatSports.


Nicholas Kostopoulos

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