Hot! Rangers Playoffs: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking Back:

1) A question all hockey fans have to ask is: “What if Cindy Crosby made that exact hit on Scott Hartnell?” The answer is simple, Brendan Shanahan would dish out one of his stupid $2,500 fines and move on. Carl Hagelin is a clean hockey player. Sometimes, when trying to do really difficult things on ice skates, an arm comes up when making a play. What is inexcusable is the fact that Matt Carkner, the Senatornator who did everything he could to injure Brian Boyle, gets a one game suspension. This league is a joke and the NHL only have themselves to blame.

2) Looking back at Game 2. Why on earth would Ottawa try to beat us in our own physical game? I know I know, it worked for a game, what the hell am I talking about? You NEVER EVER EVER play into another teams strengths. The Rangers love this type of game and will happily embrace it for another three games – you see what I did there? The Rangers are still winning this series in 5 games.

3) The Rangers learned a valuable lesson in this loss. You MUST play this game for 60 minutes; the Penguins know all about it now too and it’s most likely too late.

4) I would be sleeping much better tonight if we saw the Rangers “killer instinct” that we saw throughout the regular season. There have been numerous opportunities to put the nail in the coffin in both games 1 and 2, but the Rangers have failed to do so. The Rangers must improve on this moving forward.

Looking Forward:

1) If you build it, they will come. Sorry Ottawa, but you have barked up the wrong tree. I truly expect the Rangers to come in kick some ass in most, if not every aspect of the game. Look out for Boyle, Dubinsky, and Kreider** to make an impact.

**If Kreider doesn’t play, this comment is no longer valid.

2) Every day I’m shuffling. I am curious to see what Torts does with the lines. The Hagelin, Gabby, Richards line has been dominating, but there will obviously be a void moving forward. Who steps up now?

3) Backs against the wall. Well, not quite, but this is obviously a huge game. Will the Rangers rise to the occasion? Can we finally be seeing the “same old Rangers?”


I was close in the last one, guessing a 3-2 Rangers OT win. I’m going to stick with the Rangers because I truly believe they are the better team. I see a tight/physical 50 minutes, but the Rangers tacking on a soft goal or two at the end. 4-1 Rangers.

3 Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist
2) Derek Stepan
3) Jason Spezza


Corey Brill


  1. Good piece, Corey. I sure hope you’re right about Rangers in 5. I initially thought Rangers in 6 but the longer this series goes the more worried I will be about the Rangers chances.

    • Thank you, Manny. I actually disagree a little. I really don’t think the Senators have a chance if they keep playing this grinding game. Heading into the series, I thought the only chance the Senators had is with their power play, speed, and transition game. The longer the series goes, advantage Rangers.

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