Hot! Rangers: Game 7 Recap, Eastern Conference Finals Preview

I won’t sugar coat this: I really really REALLY wanted to win that series. I remember the ’09 and ’11 series against the Capitals all too well and really needed this to cleanse the palate. Capitals….Can you hear us now??

1) Henrik Lundqvist. That was really a clinic, Hank. Henrik Lundqvist needed to be the best player on the ice for the Rangers and he certainly was. Despite being nervous, Lundqvist kept his composure the entire game and wouldn’t allow the Rangers to lose.

2) Discipline. Looking back on the series, the only consistent source of offense for the Capitals was their Power Play. Yes, that accidental penalty at the end of the game could have been costly, but there were many times throughout the game that the Rangers could have taken a penalty and they did not. They certainly played this game #TheRightWay.

3) Broadway Brad. This guy has been everything we wanted Drury to be, hasn’t he? Look at this stat: Richards has 7 goals and 8 assists in his teams’ last 11 elimination games.

4) Del Zotto. All I’ve been hearing is how badly Del Zotto has been playing, but I couldn’t disagree with that more. MDZ had a huge game and I feel like he is ready to explode for us. Also, pretty sweet that the series winning goal was scored because of a turnover by Ovechkin, right?

5) Staal. He’s back. Oh yeah, he’s back.

6) Torts. I fucking love you, John.

7) Told ya so…

Rangers vs. Devils Preview

1) Containing Kovalchuk. Kovalchuk is the most dynamic player in this series and the Rangers know it. Look for the Rangers to shadow him just like they did to Ovechkin.

2) Lundqvist. For the Rangers to win, he has to be their best player…again.

3) Brandon Dubinsky. I think Dubby comes back, maybe in Game 3. The Rangers have missed his grittiness and that will be vital for this series against the Devils. The Rangers haven’t given up more than 3 goals this ENTIRE postseason — the margin for error is slim to none and having a healthy Dubinsky on the ice will only help.

4) Fate. Sure seems like this is the Rangers year…

5) Matchups. The Rangers can certainly lose this series, but I think the Devils are the best matchup they’ve had thus far. The Devils have better forwards than the Rangers, but lack the advantage in all other areas. Lundqvist absolutely owns the Devils (23-6-5, 1.73 goals-against average, .935 save percentage, plus five shutouts in the regular season) and I still think the best is yet to come from Hank.



Rangers in 6


Corey Brill

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