Hot! Rangers: Game 5 Recap, Game 6 Predictions

“Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the action in the face of fear.” — Mark Messier

1) Irony. The Rangers played their best game of the series, but lost. Sign of good things to come or a sign that this magical season is coming to an end? As Emile Francis once said, “It’s win or go home and no one here wants to go home.”

2) Henrik Lundqvist. He sure has let up some softies over the past 2 games, but here is his chance to make up for that. Hank needs to be his best tonight and I think he will be.

3) Captain Cally. This guy has guts, doesn’t he? He was a man on a mission in Game 5, but it’s awfully difficult to come back when you’re trailing by 3 goals. Just as it happened 18 years ago, I am expecting some big things from our captain tonight.

4) The Refs. Not to have any excuses, but that blown call (high stick that hit Stepan) really changed the entire dynamic of the game. From the drop of the puck, the Rangers were the better team, but that’s hockey for you – the better team won’t win every game, but I really believe that the better team will win this series… (that team may turn out to be the Devils, though)

5) Spread it out! Well, it only took 4 games, but the Rangers have figured out how to beat this pesky Devils team. The Rangers MUST take chances with their D and here is why: Best case scenario is the D chips in and it leads to a scoring opportunity; Worst case scenario is it leads to a Devils odd man rush. I really don’t mind if the Rangers give up odd man rushes to the Devils – Hank usually stops everything he sees. When the Devils set up screens and control the play in the Rangers zone, it becomes increasingly more difficult for Henrik. Might be going against the grain, but it’s time for high risk hockey from the blueshirts.

6) Tortorella. Show us what you got, Torts.

7) Dubiiiiiiii. I thought he was great in Game 5 and I think he will be great tonight too. If the Rangers can continue to play, his fresh legs will only help.


3 Stars of Game 5

1) Ryan Callahan

2) Brandon Dubinksy

3) Ruslan Fedotenko


Game 6 Predictions:

I really don’t know who is going to win this series, but it just doesn’t seem right for it to end tonight. The Rangers have come too far for their run to end like this and I think they have at least 1 more win left in them. Callahan will have a big game. Lundqvist will have a big game. Gaborik will have a big game. Richards will have a big game. McDonaugh will have a big game. I think the entire team will have a “big” game. This team loves adversity and it really doesn’t get any better than this. This series is coming back to NYC and from there, it’s anyone’s guess.

Rangers 4, Devils 2.





Corey Brill

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