Hot! Rangers Game 4: What 2 Watch


As a Yankees fan, I know all too well that no series is ever over until you win that clinching game. With that said, if the Rangers win tonight, I think you can safely say that this series is just about over. Let’s look at the keys to tonight’s game.

Keys to the Game:

  1. 43/57
    Through the first 3 games, Brian Boyle has had 43 percent of the Rangers goals and that needs to change. We need Richards, Gabby, and the rest of the scoring crew to step it up. As well as Boyle has been playing, there is no way he can carry this team offensively. Look for others guys to start getting involved in the offense – I have a funny feeling MDZ will have a goal tonight.
  2. Hank the Tank. Henrik Lundqvist has been absolutely brilliant between the pipes. Can he keep this up? I say yes.
  3. Physical Challenge. Game 3 wasn’t what we expected in terms of physicality. I don’t expect this game to be as physical as Game 2, but there will definitely be an increase from Game 3.
  4. BB, King? Can Brian Boyle continue to get under the skin of the Senators? As long as our 3rd line center is doing this, I don’t see ANY teams in the NHL with a shot.
  5. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes. What will Torts do with the lines? If ain’t broke, don’t fix it – I think the lines will remain the same.


Expect a hybrid between Games 2 and 3 – physical with a side of flashy offensive play. Since I’ve been so firm in saying Rangers in 5, I have no choice but to go with them tonight. I think Boyle and Lundqvist will continue to get under the skin of the Senators and Brad Richards will score a pivotal power play goal. Rangers 3, Senators 1.

3 Stars:

  1. Henrik Lundvist
  2. Brad Richards
  3. Brian Boyle


Corey Brill


  1. I think Stepan has to get more than 11 min tonight for many, many reasons. Look for him and kreider to switch lines much more frequently tonight.

    Also need to stop Ottawa from controlling the puck in our o-zone for so long.

    • I completely agree. Stepan needs to step his game up a bit too. I know your numbers will go down when you stop playing with Gabby, but he hasn’t been the same player we saw earlier in the year.

      Completely agree on the Ottawa puck possession. We need to put the pressure on early and often. I don’t want this game decided in the final few minutes for the Rangers sake and my health.

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