Hot! Rangers: Game 4 Recap, Game 5 Preview

Do the Rangers make ANYTHING easy? Twice, in just as many series, the Rangers have had ample opportunities to take complete control of the series’ – a Game 2 win would have made both series 2-0 and a Game 4 win would have made each series 3-1. Should this surprise anyone based on how the Rangers play and do I think it will end up hurting them in the end…? No, I don’t.

1) Ovechkin. The fact that Ovechkin isn’t even going have a hearing with Brendan Shanahan is insulting to the fans, peroid. By definition, a suspension will occur when a player intentionally injures another player or take a shot at an opponents head. More so, “The moment Ovechkin launches himself into the air prior to the hit he becomes responsible for any contact to the head” – a direct quote from Shanahan earlier this year. What a fucking joke.

2) Consistency… Is it just me, or do you hate the officials just as much as you hate the Caps this series? I’m glad that the deciding goal was scored because of a TERRIBLE penalty call. Did the refs feel bad for not calling a penalty when the Caps broke Boyle’s stick so they made it up here? Again, what a fucking joke.

3) Sorry. I apologize for those two rants, but they were and are necessary for my health.

4) WAKE UP!! Bad timing to have your worst period of the playoffs, Rangers. As well as they played in the 2nd and 3rd periods, the Rangers KNOW that they have to play for a full 60 minutes in order to win at this point in the season. I have a weird feeling that we will be looking at this loss as a turning point for the Rangers – Rangers still got this in 6.


6) Lundqvist. It will be forgotten because the Rangers lost, but Lundqvist was a beast in this game. How about the glove save on Ovechkin in the first period?

7) Don’t go changing. All year the Rangers have played the same way…#TheRightWay. This will continue moving forward, I promise.

8 ) Power Outage. Power play has to be better. Simply and succinct.

9) Apple Turnover. The Rangers can’t afford to turnover the puck the way they did in this one. I know Kreider and Hagelin are kids, but their turnovers were the difference in the game. Hopefully the kids will learn and grow from these mistakes.

10) Tortorella. Is it just me or do you love the way Tortorella acts in these postgame interviews? I know people may claim that he has an obligation to the media and fans, but I love seeing this from my coach. He is showing how much he cares and quite frankly, I think it’s awesome.

3 Stars:

1) Artem Anisimov
2) Henrik Lundqvist
3) Dan Giardi

Game 5 Prediction:

Despite this not being an elimination game, this is essentially a must win for the Rangers – I really don’t like our chances to bounce back and stave off elimination in Washington’s building. I expect the anger, frustration, and desperateness to all show in this one. Lundqvist will need to come up big, the offense will need to be better, and they MUST stop turning the puck over. I have a good feeling this will happen and we’ll be playing on Wednesday to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Rangers 2, Capitals 0.


Corey Brill

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