Hot! Rangers: Game 4 Recap, Game 5 Predictions

The Rangers are 0-7 this postseason when they have an opportunity to take a 2 game lead – this is why I haven’t slept in over a month…


1) First Blood. The Rangers are 9 and 2 when they score the first goal in a game and 1 and 6 when they don’t score first. That’s an unbelievable statistic and just shows, based on the way the Rangers play, the necessity for them to draw first blood. Bold Prediction: Whoever scores first in Game 5 will win.

2) Martin Brodeur. I really hate this bastard. First off, stop complaining that you got hit after the game. This is hockey, you’re going to get hit regardless of your position at some point. Secondly, you’ve really let some softies in this series (See last nights lone Rangers goal). Lastly, YOU cheated on your wife with your wife’s sister. You are a terrible person and I hope bad things are coming…

3) Establishing Puck Possession. This is the key for the Rangers and the only way they are going to win this series. Early in the game, Kreider had an opportunity to dump the puck into the Devils zone, but had a turnover at the Devils blue line. The Rangers MUST MUST MUST start establishing their game with the puck. The Devils have too many skilled players to let them dance around in the Rangers defensive zone.

4) Special Teams. If the Rangers are able to establish puck possession, special teams will become more of a factor and that greatly benefits the Rangers. The only huge advantage the Rangers have had this series has been special teams.

5) Del Zotto. Just a terrible game, but that happens. He did lose his Grandmother this past weekend, but still needs to play better. Don’t forget, the Rangers are still a VERY young team. #GrowingPains

6) Tortorella. If watching him scream at DoBoer doesn’t get you pumped up, I give up. After the game, Torts said that he didn’t want to elaborate on the fight because this is about the players, not the coaches. I couldn’t agree more, Torts.

7) Coming Home. Home ice advantage should help the Rangers out in this series, again – I don’t see this ending in 6 games, thus another Game 7 at The World’s Most Famous.

8 ) Hate.  As if it wasn’t clear before, these two teams hate each other. This is good for the Rangers, very good. The only way this team can win is through true grit and I think we will see this in the last 3 games of the series – yeah, another 3 games.

9) Hate to say it again, but told ya so…


3 Stars of Game 4

1) Mike Rupp

2) Marian Gaborik

3) Chris Kreider/Carl Hagelin



Game 5 Predictions

Back to the Garden for the biggest game of the year, again. If 100 games isn’t a big enough sample size, I don’t know what is – the Rangers always bounce back. They also haven’t played their game the entire series, but find themselves tied at 2-2. This is going to be another tough one, but the Rangers are going to open up the offense a little. Gaborik finally found some space in Game 4 and that will continue in Game 5. Lundqvist wasn’t very good in Game 4, but he will rebound. The turnovers HAVE TO STOP and that will be stressed in practice today.

Rangers 3, Devils 2.

3 Stars of Game 5

1) Marian Gaborik

2) Henrik Lundqvist

3) Marc Staal


Corey Brill

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