Hot! Rangers: Game 3 Recap, Game 4 Predictions

And just like that, the series has gotten nasty….

1) Henrik Lundqvist. If we’re being honest, the Rangers could easily be down 3-0 in this series. They have been significantly outplayed in a lot of this series, but the best goalie on this planet has been just that – the best goalie on this planet. I know Richter was incredible in ’94, but Lundqvist may actually be playing better right now. If the Rangers go on to win the Stanley Cup, Henrik Lundqvist’s performance will go down as one of the all time great performances in NHL history.

2) Power Play. Not bad for the worst power play of all time, eh? It’s incredible how they could look so bad on the PP and then come up so big on the PP. The one huge mismatch in the Rangers favor has been special teams. The Devils scored on their PP once via the pick play, but have been quiet since. The Rangers PP has been…dominant?

3) inKREIDable. 5 Goals for a guy that has never played in a NHL regular season game. I’m not sure what’s more impressive, the way the kid plays on the ice or the way the kid handles himself off the ice. As Lundqvist said, he’s here for a reason.

4) Brendan Shannahan. In my opinion, the Prust suspension is the right call, BUT not based on what we’ve seen throughout the postseason. Are you telling me that this hit on Stralman was much better? I still think the hits by Neil and Ovechkin were the worst, but they don’t even get a hearing? And is it just me or was the Carl Hagelin hit the same thing, but he got 3 games? #FIRESHANNY

5) Puck Possession. Rangers need to be better if they want to win this series. Kovalchuk is an absolute beast with the puck, but can look lost without it.

6) Deja Vu. Rangers get outplayed in the first two periods and then get 3 goals in the 3rd: Giardi, Kreider, empty netter. Game 1 and Game 3.

7) Frustration. The Devils are clearly frustrated and that will only help the Rangers moving forward…


3 Stars of Game 3

1) Henrik Lundqvist

2) Ryan Callahan

3) Dan Giardi/Ryan McDonaugh


Game 4 Predictions

The Rangers have a real opportunity tonight. In my worst nightmare, I don’t see the Rangers losing 3 in a row (2 of which will be at MSG). Nothing is over until it’s over, but a win tonight would be enormous. The players are clearly tired and winning this in a relatively short series would really boost the chances of a championship.  As has been the case all postseason, the Rangers have failed to take a 2 game lead. My heart is saying the Rangers win, but my brain is picking the Devils. The Devils know they need this game and I expect them to play that way. I have a really bad feeling that this one won’t be close, either.


Devils 4, Rangers 1. 


Corey Brill

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