Hot! Rangers: Game 2 Recap, Game 3 Predictions

A Devils Game 2 victory surely means that this is going to be another long series. I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted…

1) Marian Gaborik. I love that Torts benched Gabby in Game 2 for a good part of the game (shades of Leech in ’94, anyone?). There is an identity that Torts is building here and no one on the team is above this. Gabby’s turnover lead to the tying goal which was ultimately the turning point of the game. On another note, let’s hope that this lights a fire under his ass. I know that defenses buckle down this time of year, but the time is now for the Rangers leading scorer to do what he does best, create space and score.

2) John Tortorella. What Torts is doing is absolutely genius and there certainly is a method to his madness. Most importantly, the media has buckled down on Torts thus making the players less in the limelight. I also love that he is making the players accountable for everything, but in a way that “stays in the locker room”. Lastly, please don’t tell me he “owe’s the fans” so he has to talk to the reporters. As a die hard Rangers fan, Torts owes is to ME to do whatever he thinks is best for the team. While this may not be the most “fan friendly” action, I certainly endorse it.

3) Martin Brodeur. This guy can still play at 40 years young.

4) Kovalchuk. One of the best, if not the best, shots in the game. The Rangers HAVE to contain him (a la Ovechkin) for the rest of the series. For some reason, he doesn’t scare me as much as Ovie…

5) Easy Kreider. How good is he? How good will he be? He already tied a record – 4 goals in the playoffs without playing a regular season playoff game. He’s going to break that.

6) And on the 7th day…The Rangers really needed these two days off to rest. Game 7 vs the Caps, Game 1 and 2 vs the Devils all occurred in 5 days. I think they’ll have their legs back for game 3.

7) Hold the Party. Looks like we’re going 7 again, huh? Would anyone be surprised if the Rangers played 28 games this postseason?


3 Stars of Game 2

1) Chris Kreider

2) Henrik Lundqvist

3) Marc Staal


Game 3 Predictions

Off to our second home in lovely Newark. Maybe it’s because I’ve been there numerous times and there will be a lot of Rangers fans in attendance, but I’m not too scared going into their building (I was very scared playing in Ottawa and Washington). There’s also NO home ice advantage and clearly no momentum in between games so here we are, a fresh slate and a best of 5 series to play the Kings in Lord Stanley’s Cup. Players need to step up and the time is now. I know Cally is hurt, but he needs to start contributing offensively. Gaborik needs to create space, period. The Post’s Larry Brooks says:

Players with 0 goals, (in at least ten games):

Brian Boyle has not scored since opening the series against Ottawa with goals in three straight games.

Derek Stepan has not scored since game six in Ottawa and has no points in the last three games.

Brad Richards has six goals in the last eleven goals and Marian Gaborik only has three goals in the last seven games.

Chris Kreider has two goals in his past two games.
The Rangers have lost every Game 2 by a score of 3-2 and have come back with a big Game 3 victory. I expect the same tomorrow.

Rangers 2, Devils 1.


3 Stars:

1) Marian Gaborik

2) Henrik Lundqvist

3) Marc Staal




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