Hot! Rangers: Game 1 Recap, Game 2 Predictions

Throughout the past 15 years or so, I’ve been living vicariously through various videos of the 1994 Stanley Cup Champion Rangers. I have been dreaming of what it would have been like to actually experience that extraordinary run – I was 5 years old at the time. That dream has become a reality and I’m finally getting a taste of what I wanted to for so long. There is A LOT of hockey left to be played, but regardless, this has been one helluva journey. 


1) Henrik Lundqvist – BEST GOALIE ON THIS PLANET. Is there anyone you’d rather have than Henrik at this point? Having someone like Lundqvist gives the Rangers some breathing room in terms of their play – they can come out somewhat flat, still keep the game close, and runaway with the game at the end. (See: Last Night)

2) Dan Giardi. Did you know this guy was undrafted? Pretty crazy that he went from that to becoming the anchor of one of the best defenses in the league. #SuccessStory

3) NO-V. As good a Kovalchuk can be, he is no Ovechkin. It also looks like he is going to want no part of the physical play. Good luck with that, Kovy.

4) Martin Brodeur. I don’t understand how this guy is still doing it. He kinda reminds me of Johnny Damon – a guy that has thrived in doing things completely unconventionally. He flops around, still makes incredible saves, but he sure did give up some juicy rebounds yesterday. Brodeur is going to have to be even better in order for the Devils to have a chance.

5) The Icing/Delay of Game. Call me crazy, but both of these should be review-able.

6) Power Play. Every time the Rangers have a PP after a player gets hurt they score. Why can’t they play that way when a guy gets hooked? Also, the Power Play hasn’t been as bad as advertised. It has certainly looked lifeless at times, but they have scored some pretty big goals on it too.

7) MAAAAAAAAAARTY (Biron). Pretty cool story I read earlier. Apparently Biron told Giardi that he was going to score on the next shot he took. Here is the quote:

“It was actually pretty funny. I was sitting on the bench and Marty goes, ‘your next shot is going to go in’ and I pretty much hopped over the boards, skated straight to the blueline, Kreids made a great play by the net, passed it to me and it went in. It was kind of funny that it happened that way.” – Dan Giardi


3 Stars of the Game 1

1) Henrik Lundqvist

2) Dan Giardi

3) Chris Kreider


Game 2 Predictions

Rangers win Game 1 and have a chance to go up 2-0…where have we seen this before? The Rangers have had ample opportunity to take commanding leads in series’, but have failed to do so. 15 games later, our boys in blue have to be hurting and they MUST capitalize here. If the Rangers win Game 2, I see the series going 5 games. If the Rangers lose, this series is going 7 games. Kovalchuk is going to score an early goal, maybe on his first shift, but the Rangers will come back. Expect a back and forth battle with more offense than Game 1…there will be a fight or two too.

Rangers 3, Devils 2 in OT


3 Stars

1) Ryan McDonaugh

2) Henrik Lundqvist

3) Marian Gaborik



Corey Brill

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