Hot! NFL Picks: Week 17

Every week, Nick and Mike examine the NFL lineup of games, check the betting line, and make their predictions against the spread. We also throw in the result of’s Madden NFL ’13 simulations for some added flavor.

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And so, boys and girls, the dystSPORTS NFL Pick’em battle between Nick, Mike and Madden comes down to the final day of the season. Both Mike and Madden struggled much of the season while Nick maintained a strong lead several games above .500 ever since we started this contest back in Week 7. But after last week’s performance by Mike, who went 12-4 and correctly predicted the final seven match ups of Week 16, Mike is but one game behind Nick. The Madden Simulator still has an outside shot but man has proved mightier than the machine thus far.

Who will be crowned our Pick’em King?

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Week 16 Record

Mike 12-4
Nick 9-7
Madden 9-7

Overall Standings

Nick 56-51
Mike 55-52
Madden 50-57

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Baltimore (-2.5) at Cincinnati

Nick (CIN) Lately, beating the Giants can’t be seen as a sign of a team turning around. This game means little, but the Bengals will win at home.
Mike (BAL) Baltimore looked impressive beating the Giants. I look for the Ravens to establish themselves before heading into the playoffs.
Madden (CIN) CIN 33, BAL 27.

Tampa Bay (+8.5) at Atlanta

Nick (TB) Tampa Bay is an underdog in a game that means nothing to Atlanta. Tampa will look to end the season on somewhat of a high note.
Mike (TB) Tampa has looked as dreadful of late as any team. But this spread is too good to pass up against a Falcons team on cruise control.
Madden (ATL) ATL 27, TB 17.

Houston (-6.5) at Indianapolis

Nick (HOU) The Texans will look to secure a first round bye, while the Colts are thinking ahead to their first round playoff matchup.
Mike (HOU) A healthy Arian Foster should run all over a Colts D that can’t contain the run.
Madden (IND) IND 25, HOU 24.

Philadelphia (+7.5) at New York Giants

Nick (PHI) The Giants have broken my heart, I can’t trust them anymore. Even if the Giants win, which they should, they’ll find a way to make this a nail biter.
Mike (PHI) Mike Vick will want to make his final game for Philly a good one. The Giants are in chaos.
Madden (NYG) NYG 24, PHI 13.

New York Jets (+3.5) at Buffalo

Nick (BUF) The Jets are the only team in NFL history that should see the starting quarterback filling in for the third stringer as bad news.
Mike (NYJ) Odd feeling that Mark Sanchez will have a decent game today. 
Madden (BUF) BUF 30, NYJ 24.

Jacksonville (+4.5) at Tennessee

Nick (JAX) These teams stink, but one team gets to start with 4.5 points, so I’ll take them.
Mike (TEN) Is there anyone out there who cares about this game?
Madden (JAX) TEN 24, JAX 21.

Cleveland (+4.5) at Pittsburgh

Nick (PIT) The Steelers are better than they’ve played this year, and I feel they will win this one for pride.
Mike (CLE) I’ve been a Browns guy all year, might as well finish the season that way against a floundering Steelers team.
Madden (PIT) PIT 24, CLE 17.

Carolina (+5.5) at New Orleans

Nick (NO) The Saints resigning of Sean Payton is the best news they’ve received all year. They will try to give him some better game tape for next year by beating the Panthers.
Mike (NO) The Saints always play well at home.
Madden (CAR) CAR 35, NO 30.

Chicago (-3.5) at Detroit

Nick (DET) I would never allow my hope that the Bears lose to keep the Giants playoff hopes alive cloud my judgement…NOT!
Mike (CHI) Chicago is beat up but they’re playing to make the playoffs and against a team that has invented new ways to lose this year.
Madden (CHI) CHI 24, DET 17.

St. Louis (+10.5) at Seattle

Nick (SEA) Seattle’s been doing this thing lately where they score a lot of points against weaker teams and don’t let them score a lot of points.
Mike (SEA) Seattle has been killing teams at home.
Madden (STL) SEA 20, STL 17.

Arizona (+16.5) at San Francisco

Nick (ARI) The spread makers finally found a fair spread for a Cardinals game! Go Arizona!
Mike (ARI) I want to pick against Nick here but this spread is outrageous.
Madden (SF) SF 27, ARI 10.

Oakland (+7.5) at San Diego

Nick (SD) Terrell Pryor is starting this game, ’nuff said.
Mike (SD) The bolts looked strong against the Jets last week.
Madden (SD) SD 21, OAK 13.

Kansas City (+16.5) at Denver

Nick (KC) The spread makers finally came up with a fair spread for a Chiefs game! Go Kansas City!
Mike (DEN) Denver is on an epic run of beating the spread and I have been riding their wave the whole time. SB Champs??
Madden (DEN) DEN 31, KC 10.

Green Bay (-3.5) at Minnesota

Nick (GB) I would never allow my hope that the Vikings lose to keep the Giants playoff hopes alive cloud my judgement.
Mike (GB) Packers have the added benefit of seeing their rival Bears root for them today.
Madden (MIN) GB 23, MIN 20.

Miami (+10.5) at New England

Nick (NE) The Patriots are going destroy the Dolphins in their quest to clinch a first round bye.
Mike (NE) Tom Brady will throw several TDs today.
Madden (MIA) NE 27, MIA 17.

Dallas (+3.5) at Washington

Nick (WAS) Uh, I’m not gonna bother copy and pasting the same line for this one. See above rationale for Bears and Vikings games.
Mike (WAS) Washington will represent the NFC East in the playoffs.
Madden (DAL) WAS 28, DAL 26.

* Spreads as of Thursday, Dec 30.

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