Hot! Jets Fans Should Be Excited About Tebow

Same old Jets…What are they doing?…This is going to ruin Mark Sanchez!…I’m now a Giants fan.

Since Tebow-gate — the controversial trade for new wildcat quarterback Tim Tebow — many Gang Green fans are guilty of saying and thinking all of the above. But fear not! I’m going to tell you why this is one the best moves the J-E-T-S have made in years.

We could start with Tebow’s character, but since he’s universally revered as a good guy, I’m not going to waste time explaining how he will have a positive impact on the locker room. It’s clear he will. Instead, let’s examine an example of how the wildcat offense helped the Jets two years ago, and why it will again.

January 24, 2010, AFC CHAMPIONSHIP, 2nd Quarter. The Jets were up 7-6. The defense was holding Peyton Manning in check, despite the Jets offense mustering only one positive play through the first quarter and a half (luckily, it was an 80-yard touchdown heave from Sanchez to Braylon Edwards). New York’s running game was sputtering. It was only a matter of time before Manning would put points on the board. But then a funny thing happened. Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer called for the wildcat, and on the next play, Brad Smith, a poor man’s Tim Tebow, threw a 45-yard pass to Dustin Keller. This led to a Jets touchdown, and was the last highlight of that amazing and improbable Jets playoff run.

Why did this specific memory come to mind? Because soon the Jets will unleash another highly potent wildcat formation under Tebow. But not only that, it gets better! Tony Sparano will undoubtedly find situations to put Tebow in the backfield beside Sanchez, and when he does opposing defenses will have a hard time coping with two playmakers that can throw the ball downfield. I believe, adding this dimension will not only help Mark Sanchez, but it will also open up running lanes for Shonn Greene, and allow Santonio Holmes and Dustin Keller to get open more. Jets fans: Ignore the drama and get excited about the X’s and O’s!

I expect to see Tebow on the field during fifteen plays, with the ball in his hands between four to seven times a game. In these situations, opposing defenses will have no choice but to drop at least one safety back to guard against the pass. And Tebow is clutch. Stuffing the box with eight defenders is dangerous, Tebow’s unique and dangerous presence can make things happen. Just ask Steelers fans, they’ll tell you. Heck, he even did it to the Jets last season.

Will the onus be on Mark Sanchez to improve next season? Yes. But ownership just gave him an extension; his job is safe. Tebow is less of a threat to Mark’s job than most pundits are saying. Sanchez has been the Jets franchise quarterback since Ryan drafted him in 2009. He has managed to win four road playoff games. Bottom line, Sanchez is the leader of this team and Tim Tebow is an only an option (no pun intended).

The Jets did not buy a new car by adding Tim Tebow. They installed a new stereo system that will definitely make the ride that much more entertaining.


Corey Brill


  1. agree completely. If anything, Sanchez will be forced to produce and compete for his job since the never had anyone backing him up that could potentially take his job.

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