Hot! Here We Go: Rangers Game 6 Review, Game 7 Keys

Will the Rangers continue to get by with the skin of their teeth or is this the end of the 2011-2012 NY Rangers? T-Minus 7 hours…


Game 6 Recap:

There is no need to go into too much depth in this game, but the Rangers must be better tonight. Washington wanted this game more and that was evident the second the puck dropped. Were the Rangers absolutely terrible? No, but in order to win an elimination game at this point in the season, you HAVE to bring your A game. There has been a simple formula this series: score first and you win. The Rangers simply couldn’t afford to give up that early goal to Ovechkin and it was all downhill from there. Note: The Capitals will keep trying to beat Lundqvist on his glove side. It’s the only area of weakness in his game right now and look for this to be exploited.


Game 7 Keys:

1) Lundqvist vs Holtby: Holtby has been great at times, but has showed that he is beatable. Also, can he stop showboating every single save he makes? Lundqvist NEEDS to be the Rangers best player tonight and I think he will be. The Rangers have rode Henrik all season long and I don’t think he will allow them to lose tonight.

2) Kreider vs Himself: This is going to be an interesting one. At times, Kreider has been the most dynamic player on the ice, but he has made costly turnovers that have demoted him to the 4th line. Now that he will be on the 2nd line, it will be interesting to see how he responds.

3) Gaborik vs Ovechkin: One of these guys is going to score tonight. Whoever scores, their team will win. BOOK IT.

4) Prust vs the Capitals: Can Prust manage to get under the skin of the Caps tonight? He’s tried all series, but no one has bit the bullet…yet. Semin took a few dumb penalties in Game 1 and I think he will be a target tonight.

5) Ovechkin vs The Garden Faithful: This is going to be fun to watch… (OVIE SUCKS! OVIE SUCKS!)

6) Mike Rupp: Why do I feel that he is going to have a major impact in tonight’s game? Am I the only one??

7) The Rangers will to win: The Rangers have had A LOT of opportunities to put this series on ice (see Game 2, Game 4, and Game 6), but have failed to do so. It’s win or go home and I’m not ready to go home…

Rangers 2, Capitals 1.


3 Stars:

1) Henrik Lundqvist

2) Brad Richards

3) Ryan McDonaugh/Marian Gaborik




Corey Brill

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