Hot! DestiNY: Rangers Game 5 Victory, Game 6 Preview

There are certain moments that you experience, whether it be sports related or not, that have you questioning “did that really just happen?” Game 5 was the epitome of this and despite actually being at the game, I’m still not sure that this actually happened.

1) Chris Drury. Let’s rewind to 2007, Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semi Finals. Rangers are about to go up 3-2 in the series, but Chris Drury (the clutch version that we didn’t see as a Ranger) ties the game up with seconds to go. The Rangers would go on and lose that game in OT and lose the series in 6 games. I bring this up because that pit that has stayed in my stomach for the last 5 years is finally gone. We now have the guy we hoped Drury would have been, his name is Brad Richards.

2) 6.6 Seconds. That’s the difference between going home and continuing this dream run. As much as I love this Rangers team, I honestly couldn’t see them going into Washington down 3-2 and winning this series. We barely did that against Ottawa and Washington is a MUCH better team. Our season was saved last night.

3) Joel Ward. I’m sick and tired of the racist crap that this guy has to deal with. It started when Bruins fans cried because he scored the game winner against them in Game 7, but again? I HATE the Capitals and wish bad things upon Ovechkin every night before bed, but this is absurd. Ward may have lost the series for the Capitals with that stupid penalty, but guess what? He stood at his locker and answered questions until the media was blue in the face. For that, I applaud you Joel and hope that the idiots that are making racist comments have a terrible day.

4) Marc Staal. This guy was an absolute beast all game. It’s fitting that he got the winner, but that’s not what stood out to me. Staal is playing hockey the way he was playing pre-concussion and this is a great sign for the rest of the playoffs and his future.


6) Islanders. Do Islanders fans really have nothing better to do than to STILL root against the Rangers? Based on their track record of success, please continue to root against them…

7) Shoot The Puck! Shoot The Puck! I love the strategy of putting everything on goal. The Rangers have to keep doing this against Holtby – the guy gives up soft goals. (See: Stralman’s goal)

8 ) Growing Pains. Everything Kreider is going through now is only going to help in the long run. I also think he’s going to get another big goal before this is all said and done.

9) Win Rangers, Win. 9 More wins…

3 Stars:

1) Marc Staal
2) Brad Richards
3) Marian Gaborik


The Rangers have a chance to erase some of the demons left from the 2009 and 2011 seasons – both of which ended in Washington’s building. How sweet would it be to win this in front of their fans? I also know that momentum “doesn’t exist” in the playoffs, but between the triple OT game and last nights miracle on 34th street, how can the Capitals not be on the ledge? Mike Rupp is getting a big goal in this game…

Rangers 3, Capitals 1.


Corey Brill

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