Hot! A ‘Te-boneheaded’ Move

The New York Jets have just confirmed what most in New York are starting to realize.

A team that has long endured a history of underachievement and underwhelming performance has just proven that despite what Jets supporters would like to believe, the Rex Ryan/Mark Sanchez era that was supposed to bring respectability back to the franchise is on the path to destruction.

The New York Jets are trading their 4th and 6th round choices to the Denver Broncos in exchange for QB Tim Tebow and the Broncos 7th round draft choice. Granted trading a 4th and 6th round draft choice may not sound like much, but consider what the ramifications are with the Jets roster as constructed currently enduring the addition of Tim Tebow.

For starters, the confidence of incumbent QB Mark Sanchez has been in question since meltdowns/frictions with teammates last year. Two trips to an AFC championship game in his two years in the league and a coaching staff that appeared competent for the first time in a long had the Jets and their fans feeling confident about what was to lie ahead.

Needless to say an 8-8 season falling short of the playoffs was what ensued last season, and the quantity of turnovers created by Sanchez and his lack of unity with his wide receivers who questioned his leadership skills made a potentially sweet season turn sour quickly. One 99 yard touchdown reception by New York Giants WR Victor Cruz later and the Jets were officially in turmoil.

Does adding Tim Tebow to this dramatic and unstable climate REALLY benefit the Jets? The justification of the trade from an X’s and O’s standpoint is how the Jets as an organization as well as new OC Tony Sparano like to employ the wildcat offense. Last year the Jets offense struggled when running the wildcat without Brad Smith, with Tebow though, opposing defenses will always plan for the run, but his status as a QB will result in defenses needing to be prepared for anything when he is on the field.

The problem with using this justification though….is that it isn’t enough to offset the off the field distractions that are guaranteed to ensue.

The team has been inconsistent with their handling of Mark. They claimed he was their undisputed starting QB last year, yet gave Mark Brunell first team snaps. They say he isn’t someone they are looking to replace, yet they try to engage themselves in talks with Peyton Manning. Peyton goes to Denver, so they give Mark a lofty extension clearly to appease him….now they trade for Tim Tebow after already signing Drew Stanton who was supposed to be the backup. Oh and just as a side note, Stanton was promised the backup job when he signed and Greg McElroy has already publically criticized the team, so what kind of distraction will he be now as a 4th string QB?

If the Jets were merely looking for a backup, why trade two draft picks for a star name? What is going to happen when Mark Sanchez throws a 4th quarter interception to lose a game this year? Whether it’s at home or on the road, the crowd will chant for Tebow. Sanchez has given fans no reason to believe he will be able to handle all this pressure, and now he isn’t even tradable cause who would want to trade for a guy that is emotionally unstable, inconsistent and now being paid like an elite QB?

A situation is bad for a team when the most popular player is a backup QB….it is even worse when the QB can’t throw. Chalk this one up as another head scratcher, but only time will tell if the move will be worth the known risk involved.


Nicholas Kostopoulos

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